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I want to detect squares using OpenCV. Here's the image I'm trying to process:

There are eleven colored squares, and the example in OpenCV at won't detect all the squares. What can I do to detect all of them?

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Optimize the code according to the case.Study and play with it.

One other way to detect squares is to use a signature-based generalized hough voting framework. Create a square signature and then convolute it with the image. Accumulate the results in the "Hough Space" and find maxima (e.g. mean-shift). To achieve scale-invariance, build a multi-scale signature.

Or you could try template matching. Use dense sampling or a keypoint detector (e.g. harris edge ), and build a spatial codebook using some descriptor (e.g. SURF,ORB). Then, you can use a sliding window for matching by thresholding codebook distances.

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thanks for your reply – guoxj Dec 24 '12 at 2:39

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