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So I'm researching how I could possibly create a utility where I enter in the Build Work Item and it returns all the Work Items associated to it.

We already have code that will get the files associated to the individual work items.

Is this possible? If so, I'm looking for research suggestions. I'm not at the coding state yet.


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Unless I'm misunderstanding what you mean by Build WorkItem

Here's a blog article on Querying on WorkItem Links through the API

Esstentially a workitem has a property WorkItemLinks which lets you get the link type (LinkType.BaseReferenceName), link name (LinkType.Name) and workitem id (TargetId). You can then load up the related workitems like you'd load any workitem (WIStore.GetWorkItem(wiLink.TargetId)).

If you just wanted the workitems associated to a build, then you have to iterate through its buildInformationNodes looking for the Associated WorkItems node - http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/da-DK/tfsgeneral/thread/92766815-c09b-422b-91fc-5e745e3aaa21

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