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i'm not good at programming.. In my shopping cart when users click on the "checkout" button it directly goes to mydomain.com/checkout/onepagecheckout.

when i turn off the onepagecheckout via admin panel, my "checkout" button goes to mydomain.com/checkout/cart

But i want to use the mydomain.com/checkout/cart with onepagecheckout.

All i want is, when users click on the "checkout" button it should go to mydomain.com/checkout/cart and then from there it should go to the "onepagecheckout".

help me please!

thanks alot.

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You forgot to ask a question. –  Sam Dufel Dec 19 '12 at 16:35

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Use this for checkout url

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Hi thanks alot for reading my question. As i said before i'm not good with magento can you please expand your answer... kindly visit this page also [link]store.redstage.com/checkout/cart/[link] there "proceed to checkout" goes to the onepagecheckout page, but in my shop it only goes to the multiple address checkout. if i enable the onepagecheckout it directly goes to the onepagecheckout, without going to the checkout/cart page... it would be great if you expand your answer, thanks alot. –  Saravana Jagan Dec 21 '12 at 5:23

For you


But default for lint Proceed to Checkout has used:

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