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I have two columns that are different from each other. One containing numbers and the other containing text. Trying to compare (match) both to another separate worksheet.

Of course, I can VLookup each one separatedly but that doesn't give me the answer I'm looking for. I want to know if the first two columns correlate with the other worksheet.

I also tried an IF(VLookup but probably did it wrong.

To sum it up. If Column A and Column B are both on the other worksheet, then True or False.

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Here's a worksheet function that'll do what you want assuming you're only looking in 1 column on worksheet 2. Just replace the values in [] with the actual ranges:

=NOT(OR(ISNA(MATCH([ColumnA],[OtherWorksheet],FALSE)), ISNA(MATCH([ColumnB],[OtherWorksheet],FALSE))))

Here's an example using actual ranges:


FYI: You could also use this formula for conditional formatting if you don't want to display it in a cell.

Just to explain it:
MATCH will return a number if the value is found, otherwise it will be #N/A.
ISNA will indicate if the result was #N/A.
OR will result in TRUE if either nested ISNA indicates TRUE. (Meaning 1 value wasn't found)
NOT flips TRUE to FALSE and vice-versa.
End result, if both values are found returns TRUE otherwise displays FALSE.

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Nevermind it worked. Thank you very much. – user1916429 Dec 19 '12 at 19:39

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