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I am trying to clone a git repo from a github enterprise server over https from egit but I am getting the following error:

  https://myServer/myOrg/myRepo.git: cannot open git-upload-pack:
  https://myServer/myOrg/myRepo.git: cannot open git-upload-pack

I've tried adding the following to my .gitconfig but I'm am getting the same error.

sslVerify = false

I am able to clone a repo from my github enterprise server with msysgit without any problems. I can also successfully clone a repo on github using egit or msysgit. I'm using version 2.1.0 of EGit. Our git server is not behind a proxy and it is using basic authentication.

Any idea why I can't clone from egit.

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And you don't have a proxy configured in Eclipse? The problem could be that it is trying over the proxy when it shouldn't. – robinst Dec 20 '12 at 14:15
Nope I don't have a proxy configured in eclipse. Good idea though. – rob Dec 20 '12 at 14:49

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By setting following worked for me

sslVerify = false

Please ensure eclipse is configured with the right .gitconfig file you are modifying

Go to Window -> Preferences -> Team -> Git -> Configuration

"Location" option must point to correct .gitconfig file e.g H:\.gitconfig

If you don't want to edit .gitconfig file directly, you can configure as below

Window -> Preferences -> Team -> Git -> Configuration -> New Entry -> http.sslverify=false

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