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I'm writing a GUI extension and using the Anquilla framework to get a list of Keywords within a Category. I'm obtaining an XML document for the list of keywords then working with that document within my extension.

My problem is that the returned XML doesn't contain the Keyword's 'Description' value. I have the Title and Key etc.

My original code looks like this:

var category = $models.getItem("CATEGORYTCMID:);
var list = category.getListKeywords();

A typical node returned is this:

<tcm:Item ID="tcm:4-1749-1024" 
Type="1024" Title="rate_one" Lock="0" IsRoot="true" 
Modified="2012-12-17T23:01:59" FromPub="010 Schema" 
Key="rate_one_value" IsAbstract="false" 
CategoryID="tcm:4-469-512" Icon="T1024L0P0" 
Allow="268560384" Deny="96" IsNew="false" 

So I've tried using a Filter to give me additional column information:

var filter = new Tridion.ContentManager.ListFilter();
filter.columns = Tridion.Constants.ColumnFilter.EXTENDED;
var list = category.getListKeywords(filter);

Unfortunately this only gives the additional XML attributes:

IsShared="true" IsLocalized="false"

I'd really like the description value to be part of this XML without having to create a Keyword object from the XML. Is such a thing possible?

cough any ideas? cough

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I'm afraid you'll have to load the Keyword itself to get the Description. It's not used in any lists, so it's not returned in the XML.

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You could always create a List Extender to add this information to the list, but try to be smart about it since this extender will execute everytime a GetList is called.

Won't save you from having to open every keyword in the list, but you'll be doing it server-side (with Core Service/NetTcp for instance) which will probably be easier and faster than opening each keyword with Anguilla.

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Thanks for both answers chaps. In this instance I only need the one keyword, so I simply get it from the CMS. Getting an object in Anguilla is a bit weird, here's the code in the event anyone is interested:

1) In your main code area:

  var selectedKy = $models.getItem("TcmUriOfKeywordHere");
  if (selectedKy.isLoaded()) {
    p.selectedKy = selectedKy;
  } else {
    $evt.addEventHandler(selectedKy, "load", this.onselectedKyLoaded);

It's worth noting how I store the keyword in the properties of the item, so I can obtain it in the onselectedKyLoaded function

2) The function called once the item is loaded

ContentBloom.ExampleGuiExtension.prototype.onselectedKyLoaded = function (event) {
    var p = this.properties;
    var selectedDescription = p.selectedKy.getDescription();
    // do what you need to do with the description :)

I resolved this, thanks to the answer here: http://stackoverflow.com/a/12805939/1221032 - Cheers Nuno :)

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