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Trying to update a line using the code below.

 $dburl =
 $ptdb  = 3388

 $Se = "C:\File\location\"
(Get-Content $Se) |
   ForEach-Object { $_ -replace (""), 'http://$dburl:$ptdb/storage/server'  } | Set-Content $Se

The output is:

http://$dburl:$ptdb/storage/server or http://\\:3388/storage/server

I have tried escaping the // and : but no luck in figuring this one out. Anyone have a better way to do this. I have looked through the site and none of the things that I have found address this direct situation. I say this so I don't get any negitive marks for not researching the code.

powershell replace special characters

This one gives me what I am getting. Instead of the variable being substituted they are just printed out exactly as they are typed in. I have tried double quotes and it prints the port but not the address. if I put any escape / or \ it just prints it out in front.


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I'm surprised that worked at all. Try using double quotes around the replacement string e.g.:

$dburl = ''
$ptdb  = '3388'
... -replace (""), "http://${dburl}:$ptdb/storage/server"

Also, quote your two variable values.

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Thanks, its always the one thing I don't try. – user1846439 Dec 19 '12 at 20:34

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