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I am following the Code lab here to make requests to big query. One of the code samples here says:

Datasets.List datasetRequest = bigquery.datasets().list(projectId);
DatasetList datasetList = datasetRequest.execute();

But I am getting a "The method execute() is undefined for the type Bigquery.Datasets.List" error.

Any idea whats going on? I am on version google-api-services-bigquery-v2-rev42-1.12.0-beta if that matters.

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Try to use rev47. We work with BigQuery API libraries from rev3. And we have an issue with API access several times we did not update the libraries. – Kirill Lebedev Dec 20 '12 at 0:06

You need to explicitly add this dependency to get it working. The dependency in the pom for google-api-services-bigquery seem to be wrong. Which causes this exception.

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