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In Ruby there are four different getter and setter methods for instance variables, attr, attr_reader, attr_writer, and attr_accessor. The question is, is in Ruby attr :dilithium, the same as attr_reader :dilithium, and identical to attr_accessor :dilithium if an additional parameter true is passed? That is to say is

class Enterprise
  attr :dilithium, true

identical to

class Enterprise
  attr_accessor :dilithium

Are the two functions attr and attr_accessor more or less redundant?

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One difference is that attr_accessor and friends are clearer, and the optional boolean argument to attr is now deprecated. Other than that, and the fact that attr has no documentation, there's no real difference.

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In Ruby 1.8, attr can define only a single attribute, with an optional true to create a setter . In 1.9 it behaves like attr_reader:it allows for multiple attributes. As @Linuxios says, the optional boolean is deprecated.

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