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I am interested in how you would determine using XMLHttpRequest if the user had already authenticated with a server? I can send my request and return data but if I refresh the page and request the data again my logon form is firing even though the session time out has not expired.

Any thoughts?

Thanks Chris

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So you're using cookie-based authentication? Does refreshing the page delete them? – Bergi Dec 20 '12 at 17:59

There are a couple options here. Often times a serve will respond with a login form to any unauthenticated request. Thus, if you're making an AJAX request that fetches JSON, you can just look at the content-type of the response, ala xhr.getResponseHeader('Content-Type'). Authenticated responses should be something like application/json, while unauthenticated responses will be text/html (or something like that.)

But... you can also look at document.cookie to see if the user has a session cookie defined. While this isn't a bullet-proof check (the cookie may be invalid, or the server may have additional checks in place that could still fail the request), it's not an unreasonable check to do.

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