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As this link: Things that NATs break

We see that NAT has many weak points, but the strongest point of NAT is you can use private addresses, and this is valuable in IP4: when IP addresses don't enough for all devices, so use private addresses will save many public IP addresses for your company/group ...

But at IP6, IP addresses is enough for all, so does we really need NAT in IP6 ?

Thanks :)

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There is no NAT in IPv6. There have been some proposals, but the IETF has frowned upon them. The address space is large enough that it will not be required, among other reasons. (read RFC 4864.)

Also, there are still private IPv6 address ranges. Instead, there are Unique Local IPv6 Addresses.

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Note, this also means the other big (albeit pretty much accidental) benefit of NAT -- a gateway that semi acts as a firewall -- is gone. –  cHao Dec 20 '12 at 5:47
@cHao, yes, RFC 4864 talks in detail about this. –  Mike Dec 20 '12 at 5:53

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