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Given the table answers.getquestion; I was under the impression that "desc answers.getquestion" would provide a list of all the possible response fields for querying answers.getquestion. Instead it mentions question_id as a required field.

Where/How do I get a list like the one mentioned in http://developer.yahoo.com/answers/V1/getQuestion.html under response fields? Also, where can I see the mapping identifying question_id in the request to be id in the response?

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In YQL, the "desc" command gives a brief summary of the table (ref: YQL docs). In your example, requesting desc answers.getquestion shows some simple info about this table:

<table hash="2143dbc888c9ccf3daac6778d0f57a32"
    name="answers.getquestion" security="ANY">
        <author>James Broad</author>
        <sampleQuery>select * from answers.getquestion where question_id="20090526102023AAkRbch"</sampleQuery>
            <key name="appid" private="true" type="xs:string"/>
            <key name="question_id" required="true" type="xs:string"/>

To your question about the response fields, they will come directly through from the Yahoo! Answers Get Question API call. The YQL table is simply a wrapper for the underlying API, and so the results will simply flow back through YQL.

For example, you can see the results from select * from answers.getquestion where question_id="1005120800412" in the YQL console:

<Question xmlns="urn:yahoo:answers" id="1005120800412" type="Answered">
    <Subject>Why is there no TITLE tag in the header of answers.yahoo.com?</Subject>
    <Content>Come on, you guys.  It's not valid HTML if there's no title. :) Correction: there's no TITLE tag in any of the edit screens, including the one I'm using to add these details. Sorry, my bad.</Content>
    <Date>2005-12-08 08:22:33</Date>
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Sounds like to get the data I want is dependent on how detailed the YQL table is. This makes it a bit unreliable for my purposes, unless I make my own YQL tables that show better details of the table. Thanks Brian. – Angel S. Moreno Jan 14 '13 at 18:42

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