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Access DisplayName in xaml

Is there a standard way in XAML to bind to an attribute of an object? I know this is a similar question to this one and that I can create a MarkupExtension or use a Converter. I'm just wondering if there's some built in markup or native support in .net 4.5.


// Some class with an Attribute:

[Description("A description")]
class Foo

// XAML - DataContext is a Foo object
<UserControl DataContext="{StaticResource myFoo}"  
  <TextBlock Text="{Binding ?Description?}"/>
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Yeah that's why I reference that post. I just thought since it was a year old there might be a change in .net 4.5 or something. –  hashlock Dec 19 '12 at 18:55

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There is no native support for binding to an attributes. You should write your own markup extension.

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No; it needs to be a an explicit Property or implicitly inherited via the DataContext, ie...{Binding}.

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