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I've a PHP app to be hosted on heroku. The basic functionality of the app is to collect some data from users (through browsers) & store those in a database (since this is a PHP app, the database modifications must be made through PHP only). Now I've enabled the MongoLab addon from heroku control panel & created database, user, & sample collection into that database. I've deployed my code to heroku via git. Following is the content of a file db.php located inside the root folder of the app

 try {
   $user = 'my user name';
   $pass = 'my password';
   $app = 'my app name';
   $col = 'sample collection';
   echo 'connecting ...';
   $connection = new Mongo('mongodb://'.$user.':'.$pass.'@ds034512.mongolab.com:34512/'.$app);
   echo 'connected';
   $database   = $connection->selectDB($app);
   $collection = $database->selectCollection($col);
  catch(MongoConnectionException $e) {
   die("Failed to connect to database ".$e->getMessage());

now whenever I'm trying to execute the file on the heroku server itself (by caling the url http://my-app-name.herokuapp.com/db.php from my local browser) it's showing

"connecting ..." & in the console there is an error message "NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error - http://my-app-name.herokuapp.com/db.php"

Can anyone suggest me any idea on how this database integration be done for apps hosted on heroku ?

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Have you been able to connect to it via the shell? mongodb.org/display/DOCS/… –  Eric Brandel Dec 19 '12 at 19:22
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You didn't include the mongodb driver. This gist has all the instructions.


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