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I want to configure SNMP traps on PFsense, to do it I have done below things.

  1. Enable SNMP Demon (Without doing it it is not allowing to enable traps) A. Given poling port number (161) B. Given Read community string. (mypfsense)
  2. Enable SNMP Traps A. Given Trap Server IP. ( B. Given poling port number (162) C. Given Read community string. (mypfsense)
  3. On windows 2008 server I have install Ireasoning MIB Browser.
  4. Turn on Trap receiver on port number 162.

But at here I was not getting any update on trap receiver so I have check through....

  1. send test trap using ireasoning trap sender, and i got trap in trap receiver.

I was not getting PFSense traps, so then after I have

  1. Add feature in server 2008 snmp service, and configure it as below. A. services.msn > snmp service property > Security tab > accept community name -> added the community "mypfsense" as Read Only.

Then after I repeat the steps 4 and 5, both are behaving as it is.

So after all I am not getting traps of PFSense.

I am requesting you to please help me to configure it.

Note: I have check through MIB Browser that poling is working from the 2008 server it gives output of get next, walk, get bulk etc. etc...

Thanks and Regards,

Harshit Choksi.

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Sorry, but I don't see any programming question here. Maybe that's why it's gone unanswered for so long. Meanwhile, there are 1,128 search resuults for pfsense on Server Fault, so maybe this question belongs there? – Jolta Oct 6 '14 at 14:59

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