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I've Googled, searched SO, and looked at the Selenium Javadocs but haven't found an answer to this question.

Is there any way, using Selenium WebDriver, to accept those "Share Location" popups that get displayed by browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE) when a website is trying to track your location?

Also, I'm writing up my Selenium code in Java and using the Selenium Client Drivers.

I've tried running the Selenium IDE (the Firefox add-on) and recording me accepting the "Share Location" popup that Firefox popsup but nothing gets recorded in the Selenium IDE.

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Its for testing a feature of the website that allows the user to enable location tracking. –  FilmiHero Dec 19 '12 at 20:41

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If the popup is part of the browser then the answer is no. If you want to interact with something displayed in a second window ( not part of the browser) then yes. There should be a .switch_to method.

Although if you can have this page remember your settings you can load a profile when you create a new instance of the browser.

In windows you can create a profile in firefox by going to the start menu and typing "firefox.exe -p" here you can create a new profile where you you would have a "remember me check box" checked.

As far as loading a profile in Java + Selenium I'm not sure how you would do this. I use Ruby + Selenium and this is how I do it.

$driver = Selenium::WebDriver.for :firefox, :profile => "MyProfile"

hope this helps

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Thanks. Could you tell me more about loading profiles? Is this something I can Google easily?? I think loading profiles may be the answer since the testing won't be very useful if I can't "accept" location tracking programmatically through Selenium. –  FilmiHero Dec 19 '12 at 20:43

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