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My function to paint an Image into a paintbox is called from to 2 locations, If called from a TPagecontrol pagechange it works fine, but if called from a form.formresize(….) the image is painted but immediately afterwards the paintbox is repainted an getting completely white. Do not have any idea from what sequence this malefinction comes from ---

procedure TForm.FormResize(Sender: TObject);
     //  frist image shown and then re painted white ???

procedure TForm.pgc_mainmenuChange(Sender: TObject);
     //  works fine as  expected  after pagecontrol  tab change 


procedure PaintImage2PaintBox(……….);
        ///  draw into a PaintBox
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You can't call the paint box OnPaint event handler yourself. When you do so the paint box canvas is not properly prepared. In order to force the paint box to repaint you need to call the Invalidate or Repaint methods. Like this:




Calling Invalidate results in asynchronous repainting. The control is marked as being dirty and when the message queue is next empty a WM_PAINT message is synthesised and the control will be repainted.

Calling Repaint forces a synchronous paint cycle. That is, the paint will be performed, and then the Repaint function will return.

Unless you have a special reason for forcing synchronous re-paint, I suggest that you call Invalidate.

@Sertac suggests in a comment that your painting code is not in an OnPaint handler. If that is so then that is an even bigger problem. You must put all your painting code in the event handler attached to the paint box OnPaint event.

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I don't even think the drawing code is in OnPaint.. –  Sertac Akyuz Dec 19 '12 at 19:44

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