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i have a function that runs on load and window resize. I want to use the new values ​​after resizing it to another variable. I did not get the sizing part of the values​​.

           var a=imageSize();


image resize

var imageSize =function() {
            var status='0';
            if( $(window).width()-300 > $(window).height() ) {
                    'width': 'auto',
                    'height': ( $(window).height() )+'px'
            else {
                    'width': ( $(window).width() )+'px',
                    'height': 'auto'
            return status;


get resize image width and height

function getResizeImageWidthHeight(a) {
           if(x=='1') {
                    $("#images").load(function() {
                        imgWidth = this.width;
                        alert( "imgWidth: " + imgWidth );
                var imgHeight = $("#images").height();

            } else if(x=='2') {
                    $("#images").load(function() {
                        var imgHeight = this.height;
                var imgWidth = $("#images").width();
                alert( " imgHeight: " + imgHeight);

and using function

function otherFunction() {
            var xWidth=imgWidth*2;
            var xHeight=imgHeight*3;
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If you're trying to scale the image with the container, there's a simpler method than re-computing the width/height when the window resizes, it is part of the fluid layout idea.

Basically, you set the images to max-width: 100%; and they will scale with the size of their container.

Not sure if this is your intention, but it's less js. Check the link for more details.

To get the sizes of the images after they are resized:

You can save the sizes in a global variable, just remove the var: (not recommended)

imgHeight = $("#images").height();
imgWidth = $("#images").width();

Or you can simply query the height of the element again using jquery:

var xWidth = $("#images").width() * 2;
var xHeight = $("#images").height() * 3; 
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if screen resizing, image sizes that will automatically. Screen can also be a large and small. I just get the picture-scaled values​​, and the next I want to use another function. i get next-scaled the image values. Thanks Zachary. – Ertbihal Dec 19 '12 at 20:31
@Ertbihal Ah, I think I understand. I'll update the answer. – Zachary Yates Dec 19 '12 at 20:38

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