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I have a legacy application that is extensively using HttpContext.Cache...
This application is now suppose to move to Windows Azure (multi-role).
It will of course cause problems with cache going out of sync on different roles.
I was thinking about injecting (I'm using Autofac) my "AzureCacheWrapper" (wrapper on Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Caching.DataCache) into HttpContext.Cache so legacy application continues working but uses Azure cache instead?

Normally we should implement something like ICacheProvider but unfortunately there are some 3rd party DLLs that are using cache that we don't have access to (and don't know when 3rd party library is using Http cache)

I don't think cache provider can be configured through web.config (like OutputCaching) so the only solution seems to me to somehow inject my implementation into Add/Insert/Get methods on Runtime Cache. Unfortunately because of .NET implementation of System.Web.Caching.Cache (sealed class) I don't think I can override HttpContextBase to return different cache or inject into System.Web.Caching.Cache itself...

Thanks for any help! :)

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I think your application needs code/architectural change...

If you had your own class which handles getting and setting the cache, Which may easier now to change your code/architecture in one place.

If you are going to use Single role then no problem exist in your scinario. If possible you can run your webrole in ExtraLarge slot.

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