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Can I take my iOS Simulator on usb flash and then use it from this flash or from other mac? I kept it from

/Developer/Applications/Simulator iOS

I tried use it, but unfortunelly. I think I need something like library for him. I read that I can get my .app in iOS folder, where lie others apps for Simulator, and run it without my code. I can't find folder with Simulator apps even on my mac. In

...library/Application Support/ 

i haven't folder iOS Simulator. Where I can find simulator folder with applications, that runs on it? I need it all because I must show my project for my teacher on his mac, but it always crashes on all macs except my mac. That's I need use my iOS simulator, I think

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The iOS Simulator is primarily intended for testing apps prior to deploying them on a device. The applications it builds are not meant to be portable. –  duskwuff Dec 19 '12 at 20:16

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You cant just take your simulator and run it from USB flash drive. Probably you can install the Xcode in their Mac and then copy the app folder from /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/6.0 and paste it in their mac in the same folder.There should be a folder which looks like 0BE5QAF2-7F78-4C2B-BV5E-41212C635784 which is what you need to copy. Check inside that and see if you can find a .app file with your project name. After that you can open your app on the simulator in that mac. You dont need a code to run your app in that simulator.

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Not possible. Like he said above the only solution would be to download xcode on the other mac and then copy your project over to that computer... Kind of a waste of time though..

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