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I have a problem on geosparql query. I used protege 3.4.8 version and

  1. Download geosparql ontology and import geosparql_vocabulary 1.0.1 into protege.
  2. I create some classes under Feature class.
  3. I create point and polygon geometries under geometry classes same as GeoSparql User Guide.

But when ı query from Sparql Query Panel.


ex:Monument1 geo:hasGeometry ?g .
?g geo:askWKT ?wkt .

This query have to give geometry objects in ontology. But I can't get any results.

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Please show some example data, without example data it is impossible to tell why your SPARQL query does not work –  RobV Dec 19 '12 at 20:41

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Looks like you've got a typo. geo:askWKT should be geo:asWKT

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