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I am a amateur level html programmer. I have developed a html web app using jquery mobile without php or database. I need to see how it looks in my smartphone.

I tried dropbox, but its not working.

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Do you have a web server set up? If not, you'll need one. –  Waleed Khan Dec 19 '12 at 21:15
Or try something like: lab.maltewassermann.com/viewport-resizer –  Tim Dec 19 '12 at 21:16
@undefined he did say "amateur" :) –  Eonasdan Dec 19 '12 at 21:28

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The easiest way for you to do this is to use the public links for dropbox. Lifehacker explains. this renders it as a link instead of a file browser.

I just tested this out and it works great. In case it isn't clear: copy your entire html/css/js into the public folder of dropbox, right click the main file (index.html) and click "get public link" then browse to that link on your smartphone browser, and it will render as an html page, not a text file.

This is by far the easiest to use, especially since you already have dropbox set up. This doesn't require setting up your own web server or anything of the sort.

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Use python's SimpleHTTPServer module on your computer.

If you are on *nix (Linux, bsd, MacOsX etc...) open a terminal and:

cd /path/to/htmlfilesdirectory
python -m SimpleHTTPServer #(you may set a port here -default is 8000)

Then you can navigate to http://yourcomputerslocalip:8000 and display your HTML page directly on your mobile browser. SimpleHTTPServer is very good for development purposes.

This way you won't need to copy the files to the device over and over on each modification. Just refreshing the page on your mobile device would do it.

Edit: You can also do it on Windows but you need to install python first.

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if you have wifi -run the site on localhost, then check your ip and type it in your smartphone browser - if it doesn't work - you'll probably need to edit some parameters in apache httpd.conf - like "Allow From All" etc

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If you're dead set on using DropBox, you can try site44.

I've used the free "5 domain" plan for a while, and I'm by no means endorsing them exclusively, but it does pretty much what it says:

Site44 turns Dropbox folders into websites.

Just be aware that there have been some security issues in the past (check out http://blog.site44.com/ ) but if you're just using it for testing then you'll probably be fine.

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