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I have around 1176 genuine records in a table, but I need to delete records in the table from row 1177 to 7428. How can I write a DELETE statement that will leave me with only the beginning 1176 records?

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Is there a table ID or date or some other ordered thing that you can use to distinguish between the 'genuine' records and the 'other' records? –  paddy Dec 19 '12 at 21:41

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do it by id

DELETE FROM table_y WHERE id>1176

backup your table

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Assuming your table is using a auto incremented primary key (let's say somePrimaryKey):

DELETE myTable
ORDER BY somePrimaryKey;
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Just delete everything that has a higher ID then the highest of which you want to keep.

delete from `tablename` where `row_id` > 1176
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Try This

DELETE FROM table_Name WHERE id >= 1176 && id <=7428 ;
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