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I'm debugging through a 3rd party JS library and I noticed this jQuery selector statement.

I'm used to simple $([element]) selectors, so this is throwing me off.

$('<a/>', {
    id: 'specialId',
    href: '#',
    'class': 'button-next',
    html: 'SomeText'
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For what it's worth, I rarely find this more clear than building the HTML string myself. It's only helpful when all the attributes are variables. –  Blazemonger Dec 19 '12 at 21:52

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It's generating a DOM object.

This is similar to doing

$("<a id='specialId'></a>") ....

You can then use that to .appendTo something else!

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It creates a new element <a>, set its options (id, href etc.) and append it to #specialDivId

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