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Reverse Engineer Android APK to get code?

I am having some kind of problem with an android app, since june this year I was working on a project with eclipse called easyTraining. that was my first Android app, I was trying the app on my phone, debugging etc etc since my litte sister downloaded I dont know what I was forced to Format my pc and I lost my files, but I still have my app on the phone, my question is: is there any chance to get the app from the phone and convert it somehow into an android project? so that I can finish my work and present it on the market? thanks in advance!

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You should worry less about software development right now and learn how to back up your PC. –  CommonsWare Dec 19 '12 at 21:52
You can indeed decompile the APK, because it's Java, and Java is naturally decompilable. However, even if you get all your code, it will be in an almost unreadable form, as the compiler strips all comments and renames all variables and methods names to single letters in order to optimize the final file size. So basically, you'll have a completely foreign code that you'll probably spend more time trying to figure it out than you'd spend making it again from scratch. –  Rodrigo Castro Dec 19 '12 at 21:58

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You can decompile the app: Get the resources with apktool and Java files with dex2jar and use jd-gui for propper formatting etc.

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