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I know how to add line numbers to a wxPython StyledTextCtrl, thanks to the wxPython Demos.

myctrl.SetMarginType(0, wx.stc.STC_MARGIN_NUMBER)

Is there a way to make the line numbering start at something other than 1?

The motivation for this is to show snippets of a large text file. I want the line numbers to match those in the complete file, but I don't want to load the entire file in my text control.

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Perhaps this could be achieved by folding the content you don't wish to display. More information can be located here: http://www.yellowbrain.com/stc/folding.html

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This is a reasonable workaround. I just add the needed number of blank lines before my snippet and then hide those blank lines. –  jkitchen Dec 20 '12 at 14:37

I'd hide the default line number margin and use a custom one, see margins documentation for the details.

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