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Why will the break not end the while true and return to the start?

while True:
    print('This is a quiz')
    print('What is your name?')
    Name = input()
    print('Hello ' + Name + ', The quiz will now begin')
    import time
    question1 = "Question one: "
    answer1 = "True" and "true"
    qanswer = input()

    if qanswer != answer1:
        print('Sorry, the answer is: ' + answer1)

    if answer1 == qanswer:
            print("Correct! Here's the next question")

I'm pretty new to python so I assume it's just a simple misuse of the terms.

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answer1 = "True" and "true" This is not doing what you think it is. Try printing answer1 after you create the variable. If you want to compare the user input to two different strings, you need to compare the input against both strings. Documentation on and – unholysampler Dec 19 '12 at 22:48
I don't think this means what you think it means: answer1 = "True" and "true". – Fred Larson Dec 19 '12 at 22:48

break exists the entire while loop.

continue is what you're looking for, returning to the next while iteration.

You can read more about control flow tools, break and continue in the official docs:

(You also have some other bugs as others have mentioned correctly)

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answer1 = ["True", "true"]
if not(qanswer in answer1):
    print('Sorry, the answer is: ' + answer1)
   print("Correct! Here's the next question")
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use the "continue" keyword, not "break".

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