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I have a UICollectionView that displays images. My images are size 114x133 but for some reason the actual UICollectionVewCell is bigger than this (I can see this because I set the cell background to red). Because of this the view can display only 2 images and there is a huge gap between the two. I am implementing the following

  • (CGSize)collectionView:(UICollectionView )collectionView layout:(UICollectionViewLayout)collectionViewLayout sizeForItemAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath )indexPath { UIImage img = [UIImage imageNamed:@"thumbnail_frame.png"];

    return img.size; ; }

  • (UIEdgeInsets)collectionView: (UICollectionView )collectionView layout:(UICollectionViewLayout)collectionViewLayout insetForSectionAtIndex:(NSInteger)section { return UIEdgeInsetsMake(1, 1, 1, 1); }

I am creating the cell's contentview programmatically (i.e init imageView etc).

I face the same problem in a different view where I am creating the whole view programmatically. There I do:

   UICollectionViewFlowLayout *flowLayout = [[UICollectionViewFlowLayout alloc] init];
    flowLayout.minimumLineSpacing= 30;
    flowLayout.sectionInset = UIEdgeInsetsMake(5, 5, 5, 5);

    if(collectionView != nil) {
        [collectionView removeFromSuperview];

    CGRect frm= CGRectMake(45, 80, 250, 230);

    collectionView = [[UICollectionView alloc] initWithFrame:frm collectionViewLayout:flowLayout];//(0, 0, self.view.frame.size.width, self.view.frame.size.height) collectionViewLayout:flowLayout];
    collectionView.backgroundColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0 green:0 blue:0 alpha:0.5];
    collectionView.clipsToBounds = YES;
    collectionView.layer.cornerRadius = 10.0;
    collectionView.dataSource = self;
    collectionView.delegate = self;
    [collectionView registerClass:[YourPicCollectionViewCell class] forCellWithReuseIdentifier:@"YourPicCell"];

Again there is either a big gap between two images, or if I make the width smaller, there are 3 images but the right-most one is half-visible.

I tinkered with spacing but it doesn't seem to work. What could be the problem?

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