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I have a plot with a legend, but I would like to put a box around my legend. How can I code the box around the legend?

# My Plot
plot.window(xlim=c(25,40), ylim=c(0,9), type="p")
title(xlab="Temperature (ºC)")
title(ylab="Trial",main="Egg Parasitization Along A Thermal Gradient")

# My Legend       
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These are the default box parameters:

 box.lwd = par("lwd"), box.lty = par("lty"),   box.col = par("fg")

If you were calling the legend function you should already be getting a box, so is it a larger box that you want? Oh, ... I see ... you have bty="n" in that legend call so it's not printing the box. Just take that out.

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bty="n" is what it was, thanks for the quick fix! –  Stats Rookie Dec 19 '12 at 23:58

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