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I want to get only the last 3 things from stdin.



I can get the first 3, but I want the last 3, and ignore everything before it.

Sample input


How can I do that?

If possible I would like to ignore the contents on stdin and get only 3 chars on the buffer.

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It looks like you're reading an integer. If so (since you're ignoring everything else), you can read the entire thing and take the remainder when divided by 1000.

    scanf ("%d", &read_int);
    last_3 = read_int % 1000;

Update: Since its not an integer (assuming some_large_buf can take your largest string):

    scanf ("%s", some_large_buf);
    last_3 = atoi (some_large_buf + strlen(some_large_buf) - 3);

Update 2: This version doesn't use a buffer, it maintains a rolling value of the least significant 3 digits.

    unsigned int sum = 0;
    char c;
    while (1) {
        scanf ("%c", &c);

        if (c == 0 || c == '\n') break;

        if (c >= '0' && c <= '9') {
            sum *= 10; 
            sum += c - '0';
            sum %= 1000;
        else {
            sum = 0;
    printf ("%d", sum);
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Doesnt work for 9*9H#2hd2poh2pthpo2hr2hpo9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 –  BrunoLM Dec 20 '12 at 0:21
So its not an integer! See update. –  jman Dec 20 '12 at 0:25
That works, but is there a way to ignore when reading? So it could fit in a buffer[4]? –  BrunoLM Dec 20 '12 at 0:31
See second update! –  jman Dec 20 '12 at 2:10

One possibility would be to use fgets( ... stdin) to read it into a buffer. Then you could extract the desired information from the end of the buffer (e.g., use sscanf and pass the pointer to the desired start location). The general idea would be the following. Note that fgets can return a newline character in the returned buffer, so if it is known it will be there it would need to be accounted for.

char buf[1024];
char *pos;
size_t len;
int val = 0;

fgets( buf, sizeof( buf ), stdin );
len = strlen( buf );

if ( len < 3 )
  printf( "Not long enough\n" );
  sscanf( buf + len - 3, "%d", &val );
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