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so….I have a function in my model which calls the last element of a table, then I assign the result to a variable and I return it to the controller, the problem is that I can't access the array. I need the "id".

// model
function ultimo()
    $result = $this->db->select('*')->order_by("id","desc")->get('articulos', 1)->result();
    return $result;

// I try to access the array like this: (for test purposes)
// this gives me an array:
echo "<br /><br />Valor de Datos: ".$ultimo['id'];

// content of the array:
    ["id"]=> array(1) 
        [0]=> object(stdClass)#25 (13) 
            ["id"]=>          string(2) "15" 
            ["familia"]=>     string(2) "01" 
            ["subfamilia"]=>  string(2) "01" 
            ["codigo"]=>      string(2) "03" 
            ["cod_barras"]=>  string(1) "3" 
            ["nombre"]=>      string(22) "Aceite de Oliva Virgen" 
            ["descripcion"]=> string(20) "en botellas de 500ml" 
            ["pcp"]=>         string(4) "6.00" 
            ["pvp"]=>         string(5) "25.00" 
            ["proveedor"]=>   string(2) "03" 
            ["stock"]=>       string(6) "120000" 
            ["minstock"]=>    string(4) "1000" 
            ["imagen"]=>      string(0) "" 

if I use $ultimo['id']->id; I get the non-object error. Any advice will be more than welcomed.

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It looks like you need to use:

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this did it :) thanks!! – Alejandro Dec 20 '12 at 2:04
@Alejandro If this answered your question you should mark it as approved. This helps your acceptance rating, which will make others more likely to help you in the future. – Mike Brant Dec 20 '12 at 16:14

$ultimo['id'] is an array, so this is what you will do

foreach($ultimo['id'] as $obj){
   echo "Valor de Datos: ".$obj->id;
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Here's how you should do:

$ultimo = $this->mod_articulos->ultimo();

if ($ultimo) // if array not empty
    echo $ultimo[0]->id;

Simply remember the CI's result() method returns an array of rows, just like SQL.

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