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I am using INI files to manage my Zend_Form elements.

Here's an example .ini file:

form.action = ""
form.method = "post

form.elements.attribute_name.type = "text"
form.elements.attribute_name.options.label = "Element Name"
form.elements.attribute_name.options.validators.strlen.validator = "StringLength"
form.elements.attribute_name.options.validators.strlen.options.min = "1"
form.elements.attribute_name.options.validators.strlen.options.max = "50"

form.elements.submit.type = "submit" = "Go!"

This element will throw the "strlen" error message as "XX is greater than 50 characters long"

My question is: How do i overwrite this error message within in INI file?

I thought the following might work, but it doesnt do anything!

form.elements.attribute_name.options.validators.strlen.options.message = "You Muppet!"

Thanks for any help.


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I think you need to select which specific validation message you want to override.

Try this:

form.elements.attribute_name.options.validators.strlen.options.messages.stringLengthInvalid = "You Muppet!"
form.elements.attribute_name.options.validators.strlen.options.messages.stringLengthTooShort = "You Muppet!"
form.elements.attribute_name.options.validators.strlen.options.messages.stringLengthTooLong = "You Muppet!"

Of course, I could be wrong!

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Bingo! Thanks to Rob Allen's post I've managed to figure it out. The correct INI code is:

form.elements.attribute_page.options.validators.strlen.options.messages.stringLengthTooLong = "You Muppet!"

Thanks Rob!

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Great! I've updated my answer so that it's no longer providing incorrect information :) – Rob Allen Sep 18 '09 at 16:00

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