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I'm using Eclipse (4.2.0) with Counteclockwise (0.10.1.STABLE001). I have a clojure namespace for which I would like to generate a class:

(ns a.b.c
   :name "a.b.c.Service"))

 (-method [] ...)

There is a defect, but it's marked as fixed as of version 0.59 here.

Is there a way that I can trigger or configure this from the IDE without resorting to a command-line compilation?

There is a related question, How to use a compiled Clojure class in Eclipse with Counterclockwise, but no solution.

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In Counterclockwise 0.10.1 (the version you're using), there is a simple way to do this: you have to start a launch configuration from the project's root node contextual menu (Run as > Clojure Application).

  • When launched from the project root, the builder will be configured to AOT compile the whole project everytime you save a file (and also when the launch starts, tho it has sometimes proven working unreliably). This means your namespace will be AOT compiled, and thus your gen-class.
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Thanks. That works nicely. – yakshaver Dec 20 '12 at 8:30

I'll assume you are using CCW with leiningen and hence have a project.clj file:

add a like like this to project.clj:

:aot [org.example.sample]

You may not have a project.clj file if you used CCW to create the project

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Unfortunately, I'm using m2e. We have considered the possibility of using leiningen instead, but are not ready to give up the hierarchical functionality provided by maven. – yakshaver Dec 20 '12 at 0:55
leiningen is a wrapper around maven, it produces a pom file and then calls maven. (run lein pom) – Arthur Ulfeldt Dec 20 '12 at 19:53

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