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Let's say you have a string (say a list of Christmas presents).

presents = 'iPods, Windows 8, .hack//Sign boxset , red shoes    , Wall-E DVD,  Deus Ex: Human Revolution        '

The comma delimited items are all arbitrary and can contains numbers, punctuation, or special characters (except commas). I want to get an array of these items using Python.

presents_arr = ['iPods', 'Windows 8', '.hack//Sign boxset', 'red shoes', 'Wall-E DVD', 'Deus Ex: Human Revolution']

I would normally do this by splitting the string with the comma delimiter and then cleaning up each string with split.

presents = presents.split(',')
presents = [present.strip() for present in presents]

Our of curiosity, can I do this specifically with re.findall? I am requiring the same exact behavior as split/strip.

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The direct translation would be something like:

presents = [x.strip() for x in re.findall(r'[^,]*', presents) if x]

An improvement would be to split on whitespace surrounded commas:

presents = re.split(r'\s*,\s*', presents)

But please don't do either of these in this case. There is simply no way to improve upon the clarity of:

presents = presents.split(',')

and in the case the performance will be worse than the simple split, also.

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You could search for [^,]*, and it would be equivalent to your split by ,. However, a better way would be splitting by \s*,\s* - that way you don't need the strip part, and that is not something you can easily do with findall. (Actually, I believe you can't do it at all, due to requirement for variable-length negative lookbehind.)

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re.findall(r'[^,\s]+', presents)
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