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I need some help with a seach algorithm

This is my result set

id  idIndice    valor
10  9           12111-160
10  10          05/04/1985
10  11          9
10  12          999
10  13          Rua Brigadeiro
11  9           11111-111
11  10          13/12/2012
11  11          2121221
11  12          21212
11  13          edededededed

the database might have a 100.000 documents and each document of a specific type has 5 indexes. But there is other types of documents with diferent numbers of indexes.

I would like to start check the first 5 rows. If the condition fails it would jump to the next different id and start looking index by index again (idIndice).

Could some one gimme a hint on how to proceed or a tip for a better approach. Thanks

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What is your source data? –  Dale M Dec 20 '12 at 5:05
It's extremely unclear what you're trying to do: you haven't said what your data looks like, what results you want to get, or what the logic to identify those results is. –  Pondlife Dec 20 '12 at 17:34

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