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In Bluehost under the cronjob task list I have set up a job that executes every minute.

mysql --user=myusername --password=mypassword use mydb 
       -e "UPDATE `users` SET val = '1' WHERE name = 'matt'"

I believe I am not selecting the database properly as I am using the same username and pass to log into PHPmyAdmin and the SQL query works fine once I have logged into PHPmyAdmin.

Where is the mistake?

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there is no "PHPmyAdmin database". PHPmyAdmin is a script for managing mysql databases – Dagon Dec 20 '12 at 2:01
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the command line should be

mysql --user=myusername --password=mypassword -D mydb -e "UPDATE `users` SET val = '1' WHERE name = 'matt'"

the -D databasename parameter is what you are looking for

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You may follow these steps:

$ mysql -u <username> -p <enter>
$ <password>
$> use mydb;
$> update user set val = 1 where name = matt;

from the command line

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In the bluehose Cron job setup I only get to execute 1 line of code... – mattyd Dec 20 '12 at 1:43

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