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_itemRepository.Create(new ItemRecord { Name = "Royal True Orange", Brand = "Coca Cola", Description = "Royal True Orange in Can", Size = "1", UnitMeasure = "CASE", IsActive = true });

error message could not insert: [ERP.Item.Models.ItemRecord][SQL: INSERT INTO ERP_Item_ItemRecord (Name, Description, UnitMeasure, Size, Brand, IsActive) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?); select SCOPE_IDENTITY()]

I use orchard something wrong with it.

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All tables in Orchard must have ID field of type int witch is set as a primary key and autoincrement. You can do this manually in migrations with something like this:

SchemaBuilder.CreateTable("ItemRecord", t => t
            .Column<int>("Id", c => c.PrimaryKey().Identity())

Or, you can let Orchard handle this by inheriting your ItemRecord from ContentPartRecord and setting it up in migrations like this:

SchemaBuilder.CreateTable("ItemRecord", table => table
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