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I would like to make a variable available to the other callback functions :

    $("#home_sec_2 img").attr("id", function (arr) {
        return arr;
        position = $(this).position().left;
        var $ll = $(this).prev();
        /* $ll.css({left: position}); */

        var $this = $ll;
        var pp = $ll.position();
        /* $ll = $(this).attr('id');     */
        **var $img = $(this).prev()**

The $img variable is on I want to make available how do I access it.

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Why don't you make a global variable then ?

 var your_var;
    your_var = 'some initialization';
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Change the scope of $img so it's outside of that binding and is just below your document ready. e.g.

  // declare $img scope here
  var $img;

    other code
    if ($img) { ... }

    // assign it here
    $img = $(this).prev();

Just make sure to test if($img) before you use it anywhere else, or set a default value.

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I want to assign the variable in the mouseover function and use it in the mouseleave.. But i still cant get it to work – Brett Dec 20 '12 at 2:53

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