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I am having problems to view my images in the order in which they are numbered. Although the folder which contains them order them in the correct way, my program and even Windows picture viewer changes the order from image with number ending with "1" it will jump to image ending with "10" like wise from 2--> 20

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You will need to treat that part of the file name as an integer instead of as a string. Most languages will let you specify exactly how to compare two elements. You will need to implement a compare method that considers numbers in file paths as integers and not strings.

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Hardly ideal but you could rename them to 01, 02, etc rather than 1, 2, ..

I assume that it's due to sorting along the filename. ie sorting by first character, then second, then third, etc.. rather than trying to parse the whole filename to make some kind of sense of it which could then be wrong.

You could have the same set of files but hope for different results in ordering.

eg ordered images

image 1
image 2
image 10
image 11
image 110

or possibly files ordered like a list

item 1
item 10
item 11
item 110
item 2

So it would make it very difficult for an system to guess correctly.

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