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I'm using Xcode 4.5.2. When I build and debug I see in the Xcode debug panel many dozens or hundreds of lines like each of the following sample lines:

dyld: loaded: /Developer/Library/PrivateFrameworks/GPUTools.framework/libglInterpose.dylib
dyld: loaded: /Developer/usr/lib/libXcodeDebuggerSupport.dylib
dyld: loaded: /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreText.framework/CoreText

and this:

dladdr(0x33a1f000, 0x1e54d318)
dlopen(/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/GameKitServices.framework/Frameworks/ViceroyTrace.framework/ViceroyTrace, 0x00000010)
dladdr(0x339f2000, 0x1e54d348)
dlopen(/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BluetoothManager.framework/BluetoothManager, 0x00000010)
dladdr(0x33608000, 0x1e54d378)
dlopen(/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/GameKitServices.framework/Frameworks/AVConference.framework/AVConference, 0x00000010)
dladdr(0x358e4000, 0x1e54d3a8)

and this:


and this:

dlsym(0x1e578f90, gldGetVersion)
dlsym(0x1e578f90, gldGetVersion)
dlsym(0x1e578f90, gldCreateDevice)
dlsym(0x1e578f90, gldDestroyDevice)
dlsym(0x1e578f90, gldPopulateRendererInfo)
dlsym(0x1e578f90, gldChoosePixelFormat)

Each of the above is only a small fraction of the groups of similar lines. In all I'm seeing hundreds of lines like these. I suppose they are telling me something about the linking that's going on but I don't know what exactly. I must have turned on a build setting at some point that caused them to appear. Now I'd like to turn it off again. Can anybody say what setting controls the appearance of these lines?

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Under your project's scheme in Xcode, navigate to the Diagnostics tab and uncheck "Log Dyld API Usage" and "Log Library Loads." The former is far more verbose.

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