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Is it possible to use regular exprssions in css to selectively hide text?

I have some text

Product Pack: pack of 50 +£20.00

that I would like to display as with the monetry amount removed

Product Pack: pack of 50

Can I add to CSS a regular expression that twould do that?

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Regular Expressions can't be used in CSS; To accomplish what you're trying to do, you'll either need to process your HTML with javascript (which supports Regular Expressions) or on the server side.

You could use CSS Selectors and some HTML as well; if you can surround your money field like this:

<span>Product Pack: pack of 50 <span class="money">+£20.00</span></span>

You could write the following CSS to hide the monetized value:

.money {
    display: none;
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I likw the idea of the javascript, the text is auto generated by a script outwith my control, but I have the ability to embed HTML and javascript in the page, so could possible write a piece of javascript to do it, thanks! –  Craig Angus Sep 8 '09 at 22:16

CSS rules apply to DOM elements. A part of the text is NOT a separate element on a DOM tree by itself, therefore can not have separate style apply.

However, you can easily process the text on your back-end and insert appropriately-classed SPANs around text you want to highlight, and apply styles to those classes.

E.g. your HTML would look, after exiting your back-end processing, as:

<SPAN class="label">Product Pack</SPAN>: pack of <SPAN class="amount">50</SPAN> <SPAN class="price">+£20.00</SPAN>

(this is achieved using some easily written RegExp in whatever your back-end language is)

and then have CSS apply to those 3 classes

The limitation is of course that the page is either dynamically generated or pre-generated if it's a static HTML, or you need to do it on load via JS (I'd personally prefer back-end solution if I was implementing it)

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