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In winforms app, I created myBindingSource, myTableAdapter etc via designer, by drag-n-dropping datatable to the form. In the form I have buttons Save and Delete. The requirement is when Delete button is clicked it should immediately delete a record from database, not when Save button is clicked. So I added DeleteMyRecord query to MyDataSet via designer and use that delete query to do deletion. The problem is deleted record is still in myDataSet instance, so I need to detach it from its datatable. If I simply do the following:


it will still make myDataSet dirty, so, when I click Save button it will result in concurrency conflict. What I want is just detach the deleted row, but not affect other changes if there were any, before I deleted that record.

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You can use the Remove method of the DataRowCollection object to accomplish this. Whether this is a good design is another matter.

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