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I have a table as follows ID is a numeric column and Total is Varchar(20) - table name is orders:

ID       Total

1        $10

2        $1,000

3        $1500.50

4        300

5        20.50

6        -80

through a

SELECT statement I would like to get the Id of the highest total i.e 3. 


gives me the highest total but incorrect ID.

I would like to ignore the dollar sign ($) and comma (,).

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just use MAX(CONVERT(replace(replace(total,',',''),'$',''), SIGNED INTEGER)) AS total

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This answer would be better if the conversion were to a numeric value, such as float or real, since the numbers in question have decimal points. – Gordon Linoff Dec 20 '12 at 14:51

Storing money amounts in VARCHAR field sounds like asking for trouble.

You can try to remove leading $ using REPLACE before converting to number, but it is still wrong thing to do.

Please rework your schema and store money amounts in appropriately typed columns, and these problems will not arise.

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Your query should be like works i have used too.

Query : SELECT MAX(CONVERT({column_name}, SIGNED INTEGER)) AS {column_name or xyz_name} from {table_name}

try this.

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