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I'm trying to get NLTK and wordnet working on Heroku. I've already done

heroku run python
pip install -r requirements.txt

But I get this error:

Resource 'corpora/wordnet' not found.  Please use the NLTK
  Downloader to obtain the resource:  >>>
  Searched in:
    - '/app/nltk_data'
    - '/usr/share/nltk_data'
    - '/usr/local/share/nltk_data'
    - '/usr/lib/nltk_data'
    - '/usr/local/lib/nltk_data'

Yet, I've looked at in /app/nltk_data and it's there, so I'm not sure what's going on.

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I just had this same problem. What ended up working for me is creating an 'nltk_data' directory in the application's folder itself, downloading the corpus to that directory and adding a line to my code that lets the nltk know to look in that directory. You can do this all locally and then push the changes to Heroku.

So, supposing my python application is in a directory called "myapp/"

Step 1: Create the directory

cd myapp/

mkdir nltk_data

Step 2: Download Corpus to New Directory

python -m nltk.downloader

This'll pop up the nltk downloader. Set your Download Directory to whatever_the_absolute_path_to_myapp_is/nltk_data/. If you're using the GUI downloader, the download directory is set through a text field on the bottom of the UI. If you're using the command line one, you set it in the config menu.

Once the downloader knows to point to your newly created 'nltk_data' directory, download your corpus.

Step 3: Let nltk Know Where to Look

ntlk looks for data,resources,etc. in the locations specified in the variable. All you need to do is add'./nltk_data/') to the python file actually using nltk and nltk will look for corpora , tokenizers, and such in there in addition to the default paths.

Step 4: Send it to Heroku

git add nltk_data/

git commit -m 'super useful commit message'

git push heroku master

That should work! It did for me anyway. One thing worth noting is that the path from the python file executing nltk stuff to the nltk_data directory may be different depending on how you've structured your application, so just account for that when you do'path_to_nltk_data')

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very good tutorial, including all thepitfalls. thanks! – syonip Nov 30 '15 at 13:35

For Mac OS user only.

python -m nltk.downloader -d /usr/share/nltk_data wordnet

the corpora data can't be downloaded directly to the /usr/share/nltk_data folder. error reports "no permission", two solutions:

  1. Add additional permission change to the Mac system, details refer to Operation Not Permitted when on root El capitan (rootless disabled) . However, I don't want to change to mac default setting just for this corpora. and I go for the second solution.

    • Download the corpora to any directory you have the access to. `python -m nltk.downloader -d some_user_accessable_directory wordnet'. Noted, there you only download the required corpora, e.g., wordnet, reuters instead of the whole corpora from nltk.
    • Add path to nltk path. In py file, add following lines:

      import nltk'nltk_data')

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I was getting this issue. For those who are not working in virtual environment, will need to download to following directory in ubuntu:


Instead of wordnet it could be brown or whatever. You can directly run this command in your terminal if you want to download the corpus.

$ sudo python -m nltk.downloader -d /usr/share/nltk_data wordnet

Again instead of wordnet it could be brown.

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