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I have a BVCommerce website, and i wish to integrate it into my retail locations Inventory system (Microsoft RMS: http://www.microsoft.com/dynamics/rms/default.mspx)

The inventory software is already managing inventory for multiple locations. our task would be to configure the store (very possibly via custom code engineering) to pull the store inventory from the Microsoft RMS system.

" BV Commerce5 software is used to develop online shopping cart web sites"

I need to send orders from the website into RMS and update the website's inventory from RMS. So, there is two-way communication. It's unlikely that i am able to perform an inventory lookup in real-time from the website into my RMS system without negatively impacting site performance. Instead I will probably need to setup some kind of inventory update process that runs at an interval that I feel is reasonable.

If it is possible Please provide the steps to accomplish this problem. because i am new bee to this type of R & D.Then it would be very helpful to me.

Thank you for your quick response.

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I think you'll need to provide a bit more information. What is bv commerce shopping cart for example? –  Andrew M Sep 8 '09 at 22:27
what andrew said and what type of intergration do you want? Do you want a webstore with a shopping cart that updates the inventory in MS Dynamics RMS or...? –  olle Sep 8 '09 at 22:35
Ok and the inventory intergration will be one way? You want to only pull inventory data from the retail software to the web shop. You will not communicate back orders to the retail software? –  olle Sep 8 '09 at 23:03

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It appears RMS doesn't come with an API of some sort. But since it does use a regular sql database you could choose to intergrate agains that. There are some very important things to note:

  • This might not be allowed by the license
  • This might void your support from MS
  • This will most likely break on new versions of RMS and might break with small patches and updates
  • The schema isn't documented so you would have to reverse engineer it
  • You will need to reverse engineer the business logic of RMS. What updates does it make to the DB for each logical opperation

although doable this will take quite a amount of time. You don't seem to be the first personn to be looking into doing this and thus some consultants and product providers have poped up that provide components which abstract these details away into a documented and supported API. One such supplier is http://www.kosmoscentral.com/ecommerce/rms-integration and they offer it at $300/web store. I don't know what your budget and or hourly rate is but it will be cheaper then the amount of time needed to do the work yourself including debugging etc... even if you have a very low hourly rate. They also say they will support uprades to RMS taking one headache away. So I would stronly advice you to go this route (not per se with this supplier).

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Thanks to your information olle.I have gone through kosmoscentral.com/ecommerce/rms-integration .There is online demo on integration of shopping cart with MS RMS.In that there are two icons in the system tray,one is for items configuration and one is for images configuration.According to my assumption i can get these icons by installing Kosmos integration software in my system .Please provide clarity on this?Is kosmos RMS integration software is applicable for BV Commerce shopping cart? With Your previous suggestions i have moved upto some level in my application ? Thank you –  satti Sep 9 '09 at 18:12
These are questions best asked to the vendor. From what I see it doesn't intergrate out of the box with BV Commerce shopping cart so you would have to add some custom code using the components. –  olle Sep 9 '09 at 18:42

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