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I'm doing an android camera app. And when I try to set the color effects it does not work. Btw I've posted another question regarding this here: Android Camera Effects Not Working I was using this code to go through the effects and see which was supported by my device.

List<String> colorEffects = parameters.getSupportedColorEffects();
Iterator<String> cei = colorEffects.iterator();
while (cei.hasNext())
    String currentEffect = cei.next();
    if (currentEffect.equals(Camera.Parameters.EFFECT_NEGATIVE))

But this gives me a null pointer exception. So I checked if getSupportedColorEffects() returns anything.

if (colorEffects == null){

And it did return null. Why? Is something wrong with the downloaded Android SDK? Should I download a new version. I've downloaded Android 2.2, should I download Android 2.3 and see what happens?

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Where/how do you declare & initialise parameters instance? –  CocoNess Dec 20 '12 at 6:24
Check this link stackoverflow.com/questions/13902101/… –  maestrosan11 Dec 21 '12 at 6:44

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This function is not always supported by a camera module. See the definition of the function according to Android.

Basically, it just depends on the specific phone's camera hardware and setup, and it looks like the phone you are using does not support color effects.

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Ok. But even when i run the code with that getSupportedColorEffects() method in eclipse it force closes. Atleast it should run in eclipse. I get a null pointer exception a i said earlier. Thats why i was thinking there may be some problem with the downloaded Android OS version.... –  maestrosan11 Dec 21 '12 at 6:48
Btw if i just give the parameters for the effect directly, the code runs on my phone but the effect doesn't show up in the preview... –  maestrosan11 Dec 21 '12 at 6:49

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