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I am trying to make it easier to use scp so I learned about alias today, and I am using it like this:

alias loudie-scp="scp -i keys/aws.pem $1 ec2-user@ec2-107-20-68-112.compute-1.amazonaws.com:/home/ec2-user"

the $1 is there to specify the file i want to transfer over. However this is not working and giving me an error:

scp: /home/ec2-user: not a regular file

This does not happen when I execute this command manually passing in any file for $1.

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BASH FAQ entry #80: "How can I make an alias that takes an argument?"

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Unfortunately BASH aliases are kind of like find-and-replace -- they're not very powerful for the sort of task you describe. I would suggest using, instead, a script file and placing it in an executable directory; something like so:

scp -i keys/aws.pem $1 ec2-user@ec2-107-20-68-112.compute-1.amazonaws.com:/home/ec2-user

Then, given that it has the name loudie-scp you could call it like so:

loudie-scp <parameter>
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No reason to make it a whole script, a function works quite as well and is much lighter-weight. –  Kevin Dec 20 '12 at 6:03
@Kevin I ended up making a function. –  0xSina Dec 21 '12 at 0:36

As I'm sure Ignacio's link will explain, an alias does nothing more than textually expand the alias to its value. It does not take arguments, you need to use a function for that.

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