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I am using funambol DS Server 9.0 to sync the contact of my android mobile. Its successfully syncs the handset contact, but its not syncing the contact of sim card. I connected it to mysql database and checked the database, its storing information related to handset like IEMI No. But there is no mention of sim card in database as well.

I downloaded funambol sync client on my mobile to check if its syncing sim contacts or not. At first its also not syncing sim contacts. Then I checked its advance settings and got one option called import, i opened it and got sim listed in checkbox list, i imported it, and thought it will import contacts in handset, but it doesn't. I think its using address book and it imported sim contact into address book and sync it to the server.

I want to know how to detect the contact number of the person who is syncing the contacts and how to import sim contacts as well using funambol and mysql at backend. I tried googling it, but not find any good answer.

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One more added question: When i configure Funambol DS Server to use mysql at backend and looked the tables in database, i found table related to email, like inbox, outbox, draft... but there is no mail sync option present in java demo client or in demo webapp... how can we sync mail between Funambol DS Server and android mobile? – Lokendra Shekhawat Jan 2 '13 at 10:41
Ok, I manage to sync emails with blackberry. Can anyone guide me to a push mail sync client for android and iphone. – Lokendra Shekhawat Jan 4 '13 at 11:36

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