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Why is this code not runninig.I want to return a Mininimum (MIN_STOCK) and Maximum (Stock MAX_STOCK1) and a >quantity in hand QTY_IHND1 for a drug with number (COMM_NUM).

If DCount(QTY_IHND1, "Stores_Table") = 0 Then
    QTY_IHND1 = 0

ElseIf DCount(QTY_IHND1, "Stores_Table") > 1 Then
     QTY_IHND1 = DLast("QTY_IHND1", "Stores_Table", "COMM_NUM = [COMM_NUM]") _
          + ((SubStoresTable.Form!QTY_RECVD) - (SubStoresTable.Form!QTY_ISSUE))
     QTY_IHND1 = 0
End If

Forms!Pharmacytally.Controls("QTY_IHND1").Value = QTY_IHND1
MAX_STOCK1 = DMin("QTY_IHND1", "Stores_Table", "COMM_NUM" = [COMM_NUM])
Forms!Pharmacytally.Controls("MAX_STOCK1").Value = MAX_STOCK1
MIN_STOCK1 = DMin("QTY_IHND1", "Stores_Table", "COMM_NUM" = [COMM_NUM])
Forms!Pharmacytally.Controls("MIN_STOCK1").Value = MIN_STOCK1
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I have no idea where the subform part in your title comes into your question. There is an articles from the MVPs site here.

You have the equals in the wrong place.

 MAX_STOCK1 = DMin("QTY_IHND1", "Stores_Table", "COMM_NUM =" & [COMM_NUM])

COMM_NUM must be numeric, otherwise you need quotes.

The whole code section is not good, and could do with reworking. For example:

DCount(QTY_IHND1, "Stores_Table")

This seems to be a fairly odd check on whether the stores table is completely empty, also, QTY_IHND1 is not quoted.

DLast("QTY_IHND1", "Stores_Table", "COMM_NUM = [COMM_NUM]"

Comm_Num is always equal to itself.

In addition, you have so many look-ups, you would be better with a recordset.

Then there is the whole Last thing. Last is a very bad way to get a value except in a single user system and even then you should consider that it may not remain single user.

There is no need to refer to the control property to get a control:


Controls become properties of the form:




Or if the code is running on the Pharmacytally form,


This will allow you to take advantage of intellisense.

EDIT re Comment

Working from the main form and a subform control named MySubformControl

 MyQty = Me.MySubformControl.Form.QTY_RECVD

It is important to note that MySubformControl is the name of the subform control, not the form contained.

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Thanks for the response.I am fairly new to this.I have COMM_NUM,QTY_IHND1, MIN_STOCK1, and MAX_STOCK1 on the main form.QTY_RECVD and QTY_ISSUE are on a subform.If I want to call a field value from the subform when I am in the Main form which code will I use and vise versa. The MVP site is too confusing.I will be looking at Recordset I have not had any experience with that yet. Thanks in advance. – user1916067 Dec 20 '12 at 14:49
I have added a note. – Fionnuala Dec 20 '12 at 14:53
,I have spent sometime learning Recordset as you suggested.I think it is a lot manageable.But I am sure this is basic how can I put the results from the Immediate window in VBA into a field on my form.Thanks in advance – user1916067 Dec 22 '12 at 22:35

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