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I've got a question which may be quite simple for most, but being a novice at VB, I'm hoping someone who is stroing in VB can help me out here.

Here is the scenerio : I've been looking for a tool to use on my Job which we can run in windows on customer's computers to quickly determine if the system is running UEFI. I stumbled upon this post by user ToastMan which i think may do exactly what i'm looking for. See his post HERE .

He indicated that he was able to get the tool to work by creating the vbs file and linking it to the exe. Since i'm cluless in VB, i'm looking for a bit of help with this. Does anyone know how to go about linking the vbs file to the exe ?

Suggestions much appriciated.



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Just save the VBS file from that example in the same directory as detectefi.exe, there aren't any other steps to 'link' them. –  PeterJ Dec 20 '12 at 7:10
Thanks Peter! I thought the code had to be modified in some way. I did just what you mentioned, but I got an error message. I'm just realizing it's probably beause this tool does not work on 32 bit systems. Thanks again ! Will test it on another system. –  Ted Dec 20 '12 at 8:00
Just tested it on a 64 bit system and it works like a charm. Thanks PeterJ ! –  Ted Dec 20 '12 at 8:26

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